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Ongoing AML/CFT Act compliance requires that you stay up to date with industry publications, ever changing red flags/risks, ongoing monitoring, staff training and the regular updating of your risk assessment and compliance programme.

Our support services have been designed to provide an appropriate level of training and assistance to your Compliance Officer and ensuring your AML processes remain as efficient as possible.

Essential Support

  • Comprehensive Compliance Officer training
  • Client Due Diligence (CDD) assistance
  • Access to an Electronic Identification Verification (EIV) provider with biometrics
  • Over 25 individual resources to choose from (forms, checklists, guides and flyers).
  • 90 minutes consultancy for any questions or assistance.
  • 3-4 Webinars a year on relevant topics and information.
  • Advice on service providers such as Electronic Identification Verification and Third Party CDD providers.
  • Advice on best practice, efficiencies and cost recovery.
  • Great value at only $55 per month (plus gst).

Essential Support PLUS

You will receive all the Essential Support services plus the following additional services:

  • Risk Assessment reviews and updates.
  • Compliance Programme reviews and updates.
  • Annual staff training (CPD compliant). Options can include our online self-paced learning courses, face-to-face sessions or live video sessions.

With “Essential Support PLUS” you get the added benefit of ensuring your AML/CFT documentation remains current and staff receive appropriate training.

Complete Support

You will receive all the Essential Support services plus the following additional services:

  • Risk Assessment updates.
  • Compliance Programme updates.
  • Annual staff training (CPD compliant).
  • Internal Controls Report completion. This can be used as Senior Management reporting.
  • Maintain your AML/CFT staff training register.
  • Additional 60 minutes consultancy, CDD advice or training.
  • Electronic Identity Verification and/or third party (agent) CDD provider approvals and compliance programme integration.

With “Complete Support” we will take care of your key compliance obligations. This service is designed to free up a Compliance Officers time and take away the stress of managing your ongoing requirements.

AML Support Services Benefits

AML Assist has designed its support services to be cost-effective and relevant. Choosing a partner that is willing to work collaboratively with your business is essential. We want to help you achieve full AML/CFT compliance that is appropriate to your risks.

The key benefits gained by using AML Assist are:

  • A choice of three services to ensure the level of support works best for you.
  • Immediate access to advice and support from a small team of experts.
  • Receive only relevant information from a wide range of publications.
  • Provides evidence to an auditor that you have systems in place to remain up-to-date.
  • Ensure your compliance system remains current and effective.
  • Best practice advice to help improve efficiency.
  • A friendly team with a proven reputation.
  • Truly independent so we can advise on a wide range of other services in the market.
  • Relevant and useful services packaged at discounted rates.
  • Simple monthly payments.

Our support services are designed to save your Compliance Officer time and also ensure your staff have efficient processes and receive relevant training.

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